If your budget is tight, which is not an uncommon case, then you may develop an MVP based on either platform depending on your target audience and their preferences. As for the profiles, they may either contain a minimum of functionality or be sufficiently complete and feature-rich. The service should be easy-to-use and ensure quick user data extraction. The secret of this trendy car-hailing service is concealed, but let’s try to lift the veil a bit. In 2020, telehealth and telemedicine is of extreme demand due to the Coronavirus and the resulting isolation of people at home. Telehealth apps help solve this issue by connecting doctors with patients.

  • As said, the final cost of your Uber-like app is highly dependent on various factors and your personal preferences.
  • The service should be easy-to-use and ensure quick user data extraction.
  • The admin panel is the last but not the least thing you should consider.
  • It’s pretty hard to estimate this feature without any project details since it’s development time is dependent on multiple factors.
  • UberSelect offers luxury sedans with leather interior, including brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, which are the common vehicle brands.
  • The biggest one is the delivery cost, which includes the map and payment processing services fees.

It is also possible to develop two applications alongside each other to cover a larger part of your target audience. Other important features include push notifications, integration of payment gateways, and route building. With an admin panel that will be a control center for admins to manage customers, drivers, orders, payments, reviews, etc. Push notifications – these are a powerful tool to keep users informed on the ride request status, time of car arrival, driver, and other details. It is important not to focus on cloning the Uber app if you want to achieve the same success as Uber. Instead, you should make an app that adds value to the lives of people.

For 2019, 30% of apps were developed on Flutter, and for 2020 it was already 39% (42% goes to React Native). The feature saves and provides information about the daily and monthly earnings of the driver and counts revenue. GPS routing works through integrated Apple or Google Maps to pick up the passenger’s location. The feature is used to look through the previous trips and search information of drivers.

What Factors Influence the Uber App Development Cost?

So it would be a mistake not to mention these two features when figuring out the Uber app development cost. We wouldn’t tell in this article how and where to look for such firms as there are tons of recommendations on this choice. Just google and you will find at least ten to choose from. Another option is to purchase the dedicated book on IT outsourcing and outstaffing that has all these issues addressed, considered, and analyzed. This function alerts drivers when a new trip request is made, and they have the option to accept or reject the bid.

If you need assistance with evaluating your project or any consultations regarding technologies and product implementation, please feel free to address Brocoders. Keep in mind that the below-given timeframe pertains to the programming services only. Additionally, we would need to evaluate the Q&A and project manager’s work. The clickable visuals will help your developers estimate the features and come up with the timeframe to complete them.

Investing in an Uber-like app may be reasoned by dozens of advantages but first, let’s get some statistics and market overview. Donations to freeCodeCamp go toward our education initiatives, and help pay for servers, services, and staff. You can now pass both the app and db instances to the initialize function of your routes.js file. App.set(‘views’, ‘views’); //Set the folder-name from where you serve the html page. It has lots of APIs, utilities and middlewares in its ecosystem to help you build your application. The use command has the effect of creating a new database if it doesn’t exist.


It will make your product needful and encourage new users to move to your platform. A set of features you pick to build an app like Uber is the decisive factor of it’s price. The development cost will range depending on basic and advanced features you would like to implement in the app. It’s also a basic feature that shows customers an approximate cost of the ride before they book it.

Customers have become smart and they also go through the ratings or review of the cab driver. Passengers will want to track the location of the driver and know after how many minutes the cab will arrive. Geographic density, hyperlocal marketplaces, and why drivers are key // Andrew Chen’s Blog. A driver could accept or cancel the offer within a specific time.

At present, Uber handles over 10 million rides per day, and the userbase has snowballed to over 50 million users all over the world. It is one of the most outstanding app success stories we have around today. How about you creating the next multi-billion-dollar taxi app? Don’t be scared, it is possible, and we will show you how to go about creating an app like Uber. We see a lot of requests from entrepreneurs who want to know an approximate budget.

create uber app

From the driver’s point of view, let’s investigate how one can create an app like Uber. Provide the following characteristics as a starting point. The Uber app will also confirm you create uber app details of the driver, his/her name and photo, and the type of car he/she drives. The customer will need to login or register through email id or through social media platforms.

How to Create an Uber-Like App for Trucks

In general, GPS technology is used to detect someone’s location. Although, services like Uber allow them to track the location of the driver who accepted the ride. The companies that received worldwide recognition are always going to be a role model for the ones who make their first steps to success.

A driver can call the 911 emergency service (by clicking on the ‘Shield’ icon). After sending the request, a user waits for permission. If successful, they will be invited to the local office of Uber to get the vehicle inspected. A rider could track the vehicle’s movement during the ride. Please find out how to make their work profitable in the long-term perspective.

create uber app

After completing a trip, the system adds the surge earning to the passenger fare cost. The high user churn affects the whole business of Uber. Nearly annually, the company reports billions of losses. Let’s view their revenue statistics for the previous years.

How Does Uber Work?

You need to offer a unique service that adds value to your target audience. That is how to achieve the type of success Uber is enjoying. The next important aspect that the development team must handle is the integration of a payment gateway. You should consider accepting all major credit cards in addition to other payment options such as PayPal. However, there are some policies you need to implement within your app because your app will be handling financial transactions.

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Para App Gives Gig Workers More Info Before Accepting Jobs.

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Customer feedback is essential to deliver better quality and updates. Push notifications are important for notifying the passenger about the arrival, trip status, etc. Simple registration is followed by adding a payment method.

So, Maps SDK is a must-have tool that has to be used in your tech stack to make an Android app like Uber. Geolocation API can also be used to get a user’s precise location data. Taxi booking, ridesharing, carpooling and car rent, valet parking can all now be asked for and obtained by a couple of clicks on a smartphone. Create an app like Uber that is unlike any other competition by doing market research and identifying your primary competitors. A new solution, not a clone of an existing successful solution like Uber, Lyft, or other alternatives, is the basic formula for success. Using Apple or Google Maps integration, drivers can travel to the pickup spot more quickly and easily.

Flutter and Firebase are a killer combination for the mobile app development

Each widget is used to define a certain element like menu button, color scheme, etc. The entire interface is built of widgets that can be customized anytime needed. Giving more space for creativity, Flutter has the option to create custom widgets and combine them with the existing ones.

create uber app

To Make Create an App Build like Uber has a on the rise demand among business entrepreneurs around the globe. Uber is a taxi ordering app with millions of users which operates in 77 countries. The service is generally 35 to 50% cheaper https://globalcloudteam.com/ than traditional taxi cabs. Take into account that Uber first displays an overall price to the rider and afterward prompts a user to confirm the location. At the end of the ride, the application reminds a user to put on a mask.

The programming languages and solutions to build your uber-like app:

Car booking is one of the most essential elements in an Uber-like app. Users may define their specific address, the pickup location, the kind of vehicle they like, and other details using an interactive map. The product you envision creating requires essential commitment in terms of the business analysis. The software contractor should be familiar with the product specifics and help you figure out the project’s main priorities. Besides that, the software supplier should be flexible and follow your strategic goals. Inquire if the candidate contractor could assist you with the business analyses developing your product.

A feature that allows a passenger to book a taxi ride for friends and family members. The driver automatically discovers the passenger’s location and sets it as the pick-up location. Implement them in future versions as the app continues to mature. Uber is an excellent reflection of consumer’s disposition to affordable transportation.

If you want to create an Uber-like app for trucks, there are several important requirements that you need to follow. First, you should find a competent mobile development service. Secondly, you should choose a reliable payment gateway for your truck transportation business. This will allow your truckers to accept payments from customers securely.